Libby Lewis Photography | Portraits

Q & A

Where will we take the photos?

  • On location: your home, a local park or favorite family spot. Call me and we can run through your ideas or I can make recommendations.

What if it’s raining?

  • We’ll move inside your home or another indoor location or we’ll reschedule. But let’s wait until the day-of to make a weather call…it’s too iffy here in Seattle to give up on the weather too far ahead of time.

What if my child is sick or has a bruise or scratch?

  • Sick? Let’s reschedule. A boo boo? Call me. Usually it can be retouched.

When is the light best for photos?

  • Whenever your child is happiest. Seriously. I’d rather schedule around naps and aim for happy time rather than a particular light condition.

What should we wear?

  • Coordinating colors—not matching, but pleasing together. Clothes you feel comfortable in. I think that colors are fun and photograph well but small prints are distracting. Khakis get dirty really easily.

Can I include grandparents, aunts, uncles or friends in my sitting?

  • Absolutely. There’s no extra charge. But you might want to let me know beforehand who will be there so that I know what to focus on in the sitting.

Do you accept credit cards?

  • Yes, I do.

When should I pay you?

  • A check on the day of the sitting is great or by credit card the day after.

When will my photos be ready?

  • About one week after the wedding Ill send you a link to proof your images online.

How do I order reprints?

  • Directly from the online gallery. They take 7-10 days to be printed and are shipped directly to you.